There is really no competition when it comes to Washington’s that matter. Washington D.C is out, if that wasn’t obvious enough and not even the inauguration of a new president could change that. Luckily, there is a Washington of importance that has been in the making since 1954. Denzel Washington.

Denzel Washington kicks ass in his films and usually he fights the bad guys (obviously not Training Day, but he won an Academy Award for that role, so there). Often Denzel’s characters fight for equality and a better life for the other characters in his films. The Titans would have…

In a WSJ article written by someone who is absolutely not a doctor, Mr Joseph Epstein implores Dr. Jill Biden to reconsider dropping Doctor from her title.

Mister Joe Esptein is quoted saying that it “sounds and feels fraudulent, not to say a touch comic,” referring to Dr. Jill Biden using the correct title for her credentials. “When I was in school getting a doctorate was really hard, not like these days, when they gift them out,” pouts Joey E. “I mean I never tried to get a doctorate, the application process took too long. But people tell me it…

You gotta understand, the competition is tough out there. That’s why we have to ask you to show us the money. The streaming business is cut throat. It’s eat or have Friends taken away. And Friends is in fact being taken away. We’re the ones that have to pivot.

And we know we’re losing The Office but I swear we will make more Emily In Paris. At least three seasons. Hell we’ll make Lucy in Greece if that’s what you want, please don’t leave us.

Oo! We know you love variety, that’s why there are so many other one season…

Winnipeg — UNICEF to bring back their Halloween penny boxes this year in hopes of donating Canada’s pennies to the United States.

“It’s a really interesting initiative, actually,” says David Morley of UNICEF Canada. “All American pennies will be donated directly to people in need. Americans received a one time payment of 1200 in April, which at this point equals to 0.05 cents a day. We usually raise for a dollar a day, so this should be easy. The pennies that have been lying around since 2012 can do more for America than their government has.”

Neighbourhood mom, Judy Wellers…

Krystle Meixner

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